Har-El works tirelessly in the struggle for the recognition and rights of Reform Judaism in the State of Israel, including the right of the liberal streams of Judaism to pray at the Kotel.  Likewise, together with our partners such as the Israel Religious Action Center, we are active in combating racism and discrimination here in Jerusalem and Israel, while assisting those in need in our neighborhood as well. 

On the Friday evening news June 30, 2017 on Israeli Channel 2, a news feature was broadcast about the Kotel crisis, featuring Leila Soleimani of Los Angeles who celebrated her bat mitzvah with Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan at the egalitarian section of the Kotel. Many thanks to Har-El chairman Zvi Giladi for his participation in the service and for blessing the bat mitzvah. And yishar koach to Leila and her parents Sepi and Shawn. May we see many more girls celebrating their bnot mitzvah at the Kotel! (please note: the video opens with a 20 second commercial, and the feature itself is in Hebrew and English).