Welcome to
Kehilat Har-El


Kehilat Har-El, established in 1958, is the founding congregation of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism. Led by its chairman, Zvi Giladi, Rabbi Ada Zavidov, and Cantor Evan Cohen, the congregation lives and preserves the deep religious heritage of our people while actively striving for the continued development and renewal of Jewish tradition. Kehilat Har-El is located in the Jerusalem city-center and serves as a home to renew Judaism through prayer, study, social justice, culture, and art. Our members come from all walks of life: sabras as well as immigrants from around the world; Ashkenazim, Sefardim, and Jews-by-choice; and from all over Jerusalem and beyond. The doors of our congregation are open to all, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our congregation’s many activities!

Shabbat & Holiday Services

In a musical, warm, and welcoming atmosphere, join us in celebrating the Shabbat and Holidays at Kehilat Har-El.  Services are led by Rabbi Ada Zavidov and Cantor Evan Cohen, and accompanied by guitar, piano, or harp. 

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Come celebrate your son or daughter’s bat mitzvah in an unforgettable ceremony here at our historic Reform synagogue, at the egalitarian section of the Kotel (the Western Wall), Massada, or other locations in Israel.

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On your wedding day, as you publicly proclaim your love and commitment for each other, shouldn’t both brides and grooms participate equally in the ceremony? At weddings led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan, you and your significant other are true equals, from the ketubah signing through the breaking of the glass. 

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Study Opportunities / Cultural Events

Har-El serves as a center for Jewish learning, culture, and art.  Come join us for programs in both regular study programs in both Hebrew and English, our monthly lecture series on Saturday mornings (there are lectures in both Hebrew and English), and other opportunities throughout the year.

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Interfaith Programs

From its early days, Har-El has striven for religious dialogue and understanding between different faith traditions including welcoming non-Jewish groups from around the world at our services, and developing connections with Christian, Muslim, and Druze communities here in Israel and around the world.

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Religion & State and Social Justice

Har-El works tirelessly in the struggle for the recognition and rights of Reform Judaism in the State of Israel, including the right of the liberal streams of Judaism to pray at the Kotel.  Likewise, together with our partners such as the Israel Religious Action Center, we are active in combating racism and discrimination here in Jerusalem and Israel, while assisting those in need in our neighborhood as well.

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