A Look Back at the Events of the Past Two Weeks

*** Many thanks to Har-El member Gabby Alexander for taking many of the pictures featured here from the following events.

Memorial Service for Holocaust and Heroism Day:
On Wednesday, April 11, we came together at Kehilat Har-El for a memorial service on the eve of Holocaust & Heroism Day.  We would like to thank Har-El member, artist Motke Blum, for his donation of his memorial candelabra and his work of art titled: “Netzach Yisrael” to our congregation (see below).
Pictured: Har-El member, artist Motke Blum, lighting one of the six memorial candles.

Service for Israeli Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terror:
On Tuesday, April 17, we came together at Kehilat Har-El on the eve of Memorial Day for a service in memory of the fallen solders of Israel and victims of terror. 

During the service, Har-El member Yuval Hamon (pictured) spoke.


Please click here to read his words (in Hebrew).

Kehilat Har-El Salutes the Harel Brigade on Memorial Day:
As every year, on the morning of Memorial Day, Wednesday, April 18, a ceremony was held in the military cemetery of Kiryat Anavim in memory of the soldiers of the Harel brigade of the Palmach who fell in the War of Independence. 
Pictured: Har-El members Shosh & Motke Blum and the flowers that were placed at the memorial on behalf of Kehilat Har-El. 
Thanks and yishar koach to Har-El member Esther Janes for attending the ceremony as well and taking the photos.

Dedication Ceremony for the “Netzach Yisrael” Sculpture by Har-El Member Motke Blum:
Har-El member Motke Blum recently donated his sculpture “Netzach Yisrael” to our congregation, and a ceremony was held to dedicate it following Israeli Independence Day services on Thursday, April 19.

Please click here to read Har-El chairman Zvi Giladi’s speech in honor of the event (in Hebrew);

Click here to see pictures from the dedication;

Click here to see the first part of a short video from the dedication ceremony; and click here to see the second part of the video.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to Motke Blum and his whole family for such a meaningful gift to our community.

Israeli Independence Day at Har-El – Festive Service, Dedication Ceremony (see above), Picnic, and Singing:
On the morning of Israeli Independence Day, Thursday, April 19, we celebrated here at Har-El the State of Israel’s 70th anniversary.  We came together for a festive service led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan, accompanied by pianist Anastasia Sobolev.
Following the service we had a ceremony to dedicate the “Netzach Yisrael” statue and then went out to our garden for a picnic and communal singing with Cantor Evan.

Please click here to see additional pictures from the event.