Saturday Morning Lecture Series

 “Shabbat Tarbudat” 5780 (2019-2020)-  Saturday Morning Lecture Series
Entrance is free!

9:30 AM: Shabbat Morning Services, led by Rabbi Ada Zavidov and Cantor Evan Cohen
with musical accompaniment
11 AM: Kiddush
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Lecture

List of Lectures (all lectures are in Hebrew apart from the second lecture):

November 23, 2019 –  Lecturer:  Ze’eva Zavidov
“On Leadership and Leaders in the Bible”

January 18, 2020 Lecturer: Rabbi Hillel Millgram (lecture in English)
“Good Intentions and the Road to Hell: פילגש בגבעה (the Concubine at Gibeah)”

February 1, 2020 –  Lecturer:  Yair Lootstein, esq. – Chairman of the Israeli Reform Movement
“The Israeli Reform Movement Today, Vision and Goals for the Future”
(in honor of Kehilat Har-El’s 62nd anniversary)

February 22, 2020 –  Lecturer: Yaacov Nof
“My Work as a Tour Guide with the Bible”

April 25, 2020 –  Lecturer:  Yossi Schwartz, esq.
“Did Aristotle Only Recognize the Laws of Logic? Is the Big Bang Theory Correct? Questions About Logic, Nature, and Society”

May 16, 2020 – Lecturers: Lea & Karin Rakia
The Hebrew Letter in the Works of Painter David Rakia”

June 20, 2020 – Lecturer: Carmit Federman
“Yemenite Judaism and the Dispute Between the Shamim and the Baladim

September 5, 2020 – Lecturer: Yisraela Hirschberg, social worker
“For Transgressions Between People, Yom Kippur Doesn’t Atone Until One Makes Peace With His Fellow Person” (Mishna Yoma 8:9) – on Processes for ‘Restorative Justice’ – Responsibility, Apologizing, and Forgiveness”