Beit Midrash/Parashat Hashavua

Parashat Hashavua with Rabbi Ada Zavidov (in Hebrew)

Rabbi Ada’s weekly Torah study class (in Hebrew) is held on Wednesdays at 11 AM (till 12 PM) in the rabbi’s study on the second floor.  This year we are studying the weekly Torah portion through the eyes of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and his book “Sig v’Siach”.  All are invited (first time participants as well)!
Those interested in participating are asked to first contact Rabbi Ada at


“Journeying Through Genesis”: a Beit Midrash for English Speakers With Rabbi Helen Bar-Yaacov

Har-El member Rabbi Helen Bar-Yaacov invites you to a Beit Midrash for English speakers titled: “Journeying Through Genesis”, held every Tuesday from 4:30-6 PM in the sanctuary.

Those interested in participating are asked to register with Cantor Evan at or directly with Rabbi Helen at or by phone at 053-527-6018.  

Journeying Through Genesis

This is a study of the Book of Beresheet/Genesis, looking at the historical, social,  geographical, economic aspects of that time.  We will be using archaeology and anthropology as well as midrash, both legal  and narrative, and will also be comparing the English translation(s) to the original Hebrew, to see whether that translation is correct, and how the meaning might be changed….

The study group will be conducted in English, but non-native English speakers are equally welcome.